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Google Ads & Google Guaranteed Leads

Google Ads are the new Yellow Pages. If you have a local plumbing or HVAC or electrical business, where people are more inclined to make fast decisions on whether or not they need your services then nothing beats Google Ads.

If your company has over fifty 5-star reviews and is in certain zipcodes of the United States, then Google also has a program where you pay per lead rather than per click. A criminal background check is required on any staff that will be entering your client’s home and Google guarantees customer satisfaction up to $2,000.

If you don’t fit the criteria for the Google Guaranteed program, don’t worry. The standard Google Ads format is really powerful if high value local phone calls are what you’re after.

Nothing beats local clients that go SEARCHING for your services right when they need them and then calls up to schedule a time with you at your earliest possible availability. That’s Google AdWords!

If you want INSTANT results Google Adwords is unbeatable. No waiting 2 years for one or two low search volume keywords to slowly creep up to the bottom of page one on Google to generate a trickle of low quality phone calls through SEO. With this immediate additional income for your business you can grow your business NOW.

With Google AdWords, you can be on the TOP of the FIRST Page of Google INSTANTLY and the phone will start ringing from targeted keywords in a targeted geo location.

And unlike SEO, if you need more calls, you simply turn up the dial by adding more budget – scaling your business according to your cashflow with immediate results so you can grow FAST. Reinvest your fast profits and get where you want to be RAPIDLY. Then, and only then should you go spending those profits on longer term strategies such as SEO as your business won’t die on the vine whilst waiting for calls during the long wait for those results to come in.

So if you’re looking for results that matter NOW and not in 2 years time, schedule a 10 minute chat today. If we feel we can help, we’ll schedule you into a 45 minute strategy session and go into more details so you know what ROI to expect from your marketing dollar.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the new Billboards and Magazine Ads. So if you’re a roofing company or a Personal Injury Law Firm for example, then Facebook Ads can deliver amazing results.

Facebook Ads are interruption style marketing. However in the digital age, other data can be combined to make this a very powerful form of marketing. Data has now become more valuable than oil, and Facebook has over 5,000 points of data on every adult on the planet.

Did you just visit a hospital? Maybe you need a personal injury lawyer?

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube Ads are the new Television Ads – with a twist. You can geo-target AND Target according to income, age as well, AND according to what they have been searching for using Google!

It gets better. Once someone watches your Ad, you can then run more ads to that person. TV Advertising simply cannot compete. YouTube Ads killed TV Ads. Now you know why.

If for example you run a Real Estate Company in Dallas, Google knows if your prospect has been Checking out sites like Zillow and you can therefore run Youtube Ads in Dallas, targeting high income individuals showing off some of the amazing listings and open houses you’ve got going on, to people who are in the market, for pennies per view.

With a simple call to action at the end of the Video ad, you can encourage them to reach out to your agency before anyone else even knows they are in the market.

What’s even more amazing, if the prospect skips the ad before 5 seconds, you don’t pay!

Imagine picking up a million dollar sale from a 10 cent video view! And that’s just ONE industry niche example.