A Word From The Founder

Hi, I'm Matt Fisher, the founder of Instant Clients and originally from Australia - "The Lucky Country".

Australia, much like Canada is going through some crazy times. People were getting arrested for putting their bins out after 9pm. Some were getting dragged off to quarantine by men in white coats who came knocking on their doors in the middle of the night and then being injected with a medical experiment. If they resisted they would lose access to their children.

If my clients (many of whom are in the construction sector such as owners of roofing companies) dared to turn up to work, they would face $50,000 fines and quarantined for two weeks - at their own expense of $3,000 per week.

If they protested (which many of them did) they would be shot, sometimes even in the head with rubber bullets. Many people died in these massive protests, and it went largely unreported. All this in the name of health and safety. One million people were protesting in a country of 26 million. Yet they were being described as a "small fringe element" by our media.

If you spoke out publicly, or voiced your opinion on your facebook profile that went against the narrative, you would be arrested and jailed without due process and you would lose your bank account. Tyranny beyond words.

We were told almost daily that the experiment is not mandatory - but sector by sector, industry by industry, if you did not submit to the experiment, you could no longer keep your job, picking us all off by industry, rather than as a nation as whole. Freedom was dead.

The only businesses that were allowed to operate were those deemed essential services. We lost a ton of clients simply from the fact they were not allowed to work. Interstate travel was banned. Supply chains broke down. Shelves were becoming empty. It seemed obvious the real goal was to destroy the economy. I moved from the city to the ocean in case I needed to go fishing for my dinner.

I watched as friends and families became divided including my own. Remaining tolerant towards others who were clearly intolerant of me for not being so easily fooled was difficult. Fear stopped people from being able to think for themselves. The vaxxed believed the unvaxxed could somehow cause them to become sick - even though they were vaxxed. Common sense went out the window as fast as lifelong friendships did. It didn't matter that the so called virus has never been isolated - a medical marvel in itself.

If you went down the beach to get some vitamin D, you would be fined by the police. I went anyway. If you refused to wear a mask, you were a threat to the public. It didn't matter that ANY virus can easily pass through a surgical mask. Common sense had now formally become illegal. And If you exercised common sense you were considered a right wing conspiracy theorist who got fined for not wearing a mask. I never wore one. I refused to be a participant in my own loss of rights or freedom for a blatant lie.

5G towers were seemingly everywhere and LED black-lights were being simultaneously installed into all the streetlights. Most people weren't paying attention, but It seemed obvious to me something wasn't right. Coincidentally, people were showing up as an ID number on their Android devices via bluetooth, whilst also becoming magnetic and bio-luminescent after their jab from something Bill G. refers to proudly as "Luciferase".

As Wuhan was the first city in the world to turn on their 5G towers a few weeks before people started dropping dead in the streets, it was hard not to start joining some dots in my own country. Voicing these concerns however, was not wise in a country that had happily developed stockholm syndrome. Whilst the protests were getting much larger, a large segment of country was still in favor of being locked up, locked down, locked in, double masked, things shoved up their nose, quarantined, experiment on, and out of work. I stopped watching the teLIEvision. I couldn't tolerate the blatant propaganda any longer and what it was doing to the minds of my fellow citizens.

Due to the Lockdowns, I lost someone I cared about to suicide. An intelligent and strong minded woman.

Then when The Vaxx Passport and Digital ID started to get introduced, along with a government announcement that Australia would soon be introducing a centralised crypto currency, I realised just how big the lie actually was, and why people who had taken the shot were showing up as a unique ID number on their Android Phones when doing a scan for connectible devices. This is when the protests got massive. People were catching on to the fact something was in the vaccines they deliberately weren't being told about. A digital marker of some kind.

Now it became obvious to me why Nathan from the wealthiest family in the world, the same one that prints the world's money and then lends it to governments around the world would know to patent a test for a virus 2 years before that same virus became a global scamdemic. A new global financial system was coming. A digital one. We were being lied to and tricked. C.O.V.I.D. = Certificate Of Vaccination ID. And With Bill G recently patenting the technology to mine crypto currency through human activity through patent 060606, things were now crystal clear. Humans were to become the ID token for the coming centralised government cryptocurrencies.

Large camps then starting to spring up all across Australia with bars on the windows and 15 foot high double electric fences. We had to scan into coffee shops and grocery stores using an app on our phone so the government could track our whereabouts. Cash was frowned upon in case it was contagious. In reality it was because the government can't track cash. If you were in same place as someone who tested positive on a very dubious test, then off to one of these camps you disappeared to until you submitted to the jab. Something as simple as having a coffee or buying some milk started to become a matter of grave concern. Something very evil was afoot, but unlike America, we had already given up our guns.

The hospitals sat empty whilst we were told they were overflowing. If you needed an operation, you needed to be jabbed. But if you were jabbed, you were no longer covered by life insurance because you agreed to be injected with a medical experiment. If you died from not being allowed into the hospital because you refused to be jabbed for something that had a 99.97% survival & recovery rate, too bad. All in the name of public health.

The government was now forced to print excessive amounts of money as there were far fewer tax revenues coming in from all the small businesses that had gone into foreclosure, whilst the large multinational chains were allowed to stay open. Real assets became a hedge against rampant inflation. Property in Sydney was jumping by $400,000 per year. A modest home will now set you back $4.4 million, being the AVERAGE price, in Manly, Sydney.

This is why our focus here in the USA is now just on these three business types - Plumbing (an essential service), Law (which can be done via Zoom), and Real Estate (which seems set to continue to skyrocket due to record inflation).

Rumor was rampant that business owners were to be targeted for the medical experiment next through losing access to their business bank account if they did not submit, whilst at the same time being told the jab wasn't mandatory.

Laws were passed to allow the government to text message people from your phone, with messages you did not write, and re-write messages you were receiving from others. Worse still, you could be arrested for text messages you did not even write. It was time to go.

Wondering what was in store for us next, I escaped from my once beloved country. This was not easy given there were no flights in or out of the country for two years. No Cruise ships, no Yachts. But I managed to make it out of communist Australia through a legal loophole. Once I figured out how it could be done, I was on a plane 3 days later. I was one of the very few who got out.

The day I left Australia - The ONLY Passenger Allowed to Fly Out From Brisbane Airport for the Day
Welcome to the Twilight Zone!
You Cannot Comply Your Way Out Of Tyranny
The Dubai To Barcelona Leg Of The Escape

Our Australian operations are still ongoing as we have so many incredible relationships that we have forged over the years. My personal focus however must now be towards our USA Operations. I am taking a very hands on approach - in the same manner in which I grew our Australian operations. You will not be disappointed. Some of the strategies come from my experience running several billion dollar companies as a highly sought after corporate "Mr. Fixit" for a decade for big companies that were in big trouble. So you are in good hands.

I'll be taking a personal interest in every one of our US Clients, including some sales, onboarding and helping to create the right solutions to generate the best results for each and every one of you, including the ongoing quality control - exactly as I did in Australia. I still listen to the majority of calls that come in for our clients to ensure the highest of standards are being met. I firmly believe this is a major component of why we only have 5 star reviews from our clients. It's time consuming, but it's worth the time.

On behalf of Instant Clients USA, my fast growing team and I look forward to serving you to the highest standards.


- Matt Fisher

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