Client Results: 1st Week Snapshot: 
Garage Door Repair Company
$3,685 Revenue In 5 Days
Written by Matt Fisher on Dec 10, 2019
Here we have a snapshot of the very first week's worth of calls and webform enquiries for a Garage Door Repair client. Client has an ad budget of $60 per day.

You can see there have been 2 repeat calls, so therefore if we ad up the number of unique calls we have a total of 14 unique calls and 2 webform enquiries for a total of 16 leads. So the revenue per lead averages out to be $230 (including missed calls).

I should also mention that those 16 leads in the first 5 days of the campaign, at $60 per day in daily ad budget makes cost per conversion around the $18 mark and the optimisation is still very basic as we don't have a lot of data yet... so still plenty of room for improvement!

These calls are exclusive to this client, so he has a much better chance of charging a premium for his services.

We also ensure the wording of the ads that generate the calls focus on Quality Workmanship rather than being the Cheapest. By doing the right thing by the client and just charging a flat weekly management fee and focussing on QUALITY instead of charging per lead and going for maximum volume of crappy calls that people in business simply don't want, our clients actually make money.

When you consider these premium calls work out to be just $18 in this snapshot with a lead value of $230 (I'm using the clients own figures here - straight from the horses mouth) our leads are a goldmine for our clients. Could we charge more per week than our current rate? Sure, but that's not what we're about. We're in this for the long haul. If you're making money hand over fist, you'll stay with us for a decade or longer. That's our business model.

Compare that to these huge shared lead companies that actually advertise that the customer can get the services of a trade services company at up to 40% discount through them, and the fact that they farm the email leads (not even a phone call) to around 5 other tradies to bid on the same job AND also charge in the vicinity of a whopping $35 for a shared lead that has very little profit potential, then you can really begin to see just how valuable our calls really are for our clients.

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Matt Fisher

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