Facebook Vs. Google
Written by Matt Fisher on Oct. 11th 2016
Both of these companies are Titans of the Online Advertising Industry, but they perform very very differently and it's important to understand those differences if you don't want to chew up your Advertising Dollar with nothing to show for it.

Let's begin by understanding the fundamental differences and then delve into two different Industries that would benefit from one, but not the other, to promote their business.

Facebook works off of "Interruption" advertising... much the same way Billboards work. To oversimplify things, you're hoping by posting an Ad in Facebook that it will appear in someone's newsfeed at the same time as they are wanting your service (highly unlikely).

The thing that does make this platform powerful however is that you do have a very high degree of targeting. For example, you can target a high income earner who is renting, is engaged, has car insurance, and is living in Byron Bay and likes listening to Madonna. If you're wanting to target this person for your Plumbing Business however, you're probably not going to do very well because the client would have to need a plumber at the exact time he sees the ad in Facebook's newsfeed.

What if you're trying to get your Wedding Venue all booked up? You can literally show your Wedding Venue posts to this same person, because Facebook knows they are "Recently Engaged" and even "Engaged for 6 months" and even "recently back from overseas". You can get your business in front of them even before they've started thinking about where they want to tie the knot. This type of lead requires a LOT of nurturing as they're not in the market RIGHT NOW.

With Facebook, you're still going to have to engage with this potential customer for your Wedding Venue for many months and they may have a different budget or location in mind to what you are offering. The upside? The ads are cheap.

Google AdWords on the other hand works via Search Marketing. So if your customer's toilet is overflowing, they're not going to go to Facebook and start scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed to look for a plumber in between all the pictures of their friends' photos of their Thai dinner they had last night.

The cost for search advertising (Google AdWords) may be a more expensive that say a Facebook ad click, but think of just how powerful being able to have your business on the top of the first page of Google is, with an Advert that says "Toilet Overflowing? Call Tom's Plumbing NOW". It doesn't get any more laser targeted than that. And THAT's why you pay more per click - It WORKS!

Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher helps service based businesses generate inbound calls using digital marketing with a measurable return on investment. If you're interested in getting more customers or scaling up your business then reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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